The bellows is the most common element for dynamic machine protection, as the bellows enables mobile, safe and reliable protection. It will always cost less than the price of the parts it protects. Needless to say, this is always better than workplace accidents to employees in the vicinity of the machine.
There are many machine designs and therefore many shapes and movements, so bellows must be matched to each machine being protected. Their movements have to be observed to find the weak points and reinforce them with our protective bellows.

What are the standard protective bellows?

Closed bellows: These are bellows in rectangular, square, etc. shapes that can be adapted to the design of any machinery. Being waterproof, they protect the machine from liquids and increase the safety of the employees. They can be used vertically, horizontally or transversally, with the same level of protection. These bellows must be secured by Velcro or zip fasteners.

Circular bellows: These bellows have a circular shape in order to fit into the machinery. They are mainly used to protect shafts and spindles

Guide rail bellows: The inner bridges are adapted to the shape of the guide rail to be protected, so that the bellows can be manufactured according to the machinery. They can work horizontally or vertically.

Dust cover bellows: They are made of PVC and can adapt to the different shapes and designs required. For this reason, combinations with the clamping jaws must be taken into account.

Special bellows: These are bellows that have special measurements and applications. For this reason, at Lluis Creus, we can provide technical solutions for any application. We only need to know the dimensions of the machine and it will be exposed to.

It is important to note that Lluis Creus will need to know how the bellows will work (vertical or horizontal), what it will be exposed to and what external aggression it will withstand, so that we can choose the appropriate material. We will need the inside and outside measurements, as well as the working length.

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