For a company, the machinery it uses to create its products, or to provide its services, is of vital importance.
The investment made when buying machinery, carrying out of appropriate revisions, the need for repairs that may arise, training in the proper handling and use of the machinery, are important in order to get the most out of its useful life. For this reason, machinery protection is an essential preventative addition in caring for machinery.

Steps for the protection of machinery
To begin, firstly an analysis of the machinery is carried out: its function, its movement and its uses are taken into account. Secondly, we find out which essential parts need to be protected. Based on this information, we decide which of the different machinery protection options are most suitable for the machine.

On the one hand, you can opt for individual protection, which is installed on the part of the machine that undergoes most movement and which can be most protected from dust or debris, or which could cause harm to nearby operators through entrapment, etc.

On the other hand, you can choose general protection for an area or even for the whole machine which is especially suitable for machinery that has a large volume and multiple moving parts or functions.

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Why use bellows as machinery protection?
For the reasons stated, machinery must always be protected, and one of the best ways to do so is using protective bellows, our speciality.
Protection is important, as we have previously said, but we must ensure that the installation of bellows is not counter-productive.
The specialists at Lluis Creus are professionals who carry out their work with the aim of achieving optimal results. They know how to install protection without losing the productive effectiveness of the operation of the machine. We are able to find the difficult balance between productivity and protection, both for people and for the machinery itself.

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