Bellows are the most typical elements used for dynamic protection of machines, since they allow for mobile, safe and reliable protection (defence). Their price will always be lower than the parts to be protected. And obviously, always much better than lamenting accidents or injuries to workers close to the machine. Our bellows save lives in some cases.

What are the bellows made of and how?
Initially, the protection bellows were made of leather, but quickly Lluis Creus decided to choose the best materials and designs that were more compatible with the operation of the machine.

We use different high-resistance fabrics, which will help us achieve good maintenance and operation of the machine. For that reason, we work with fabrics that are resistant to water, oils, drills, cutting fluids, temperature, acids and alkalis, solvents, other chemicals, shavings, hot and sharp metal remnants, sludge, adhesives, loose pieces, etc.

At Lluis Creus, our bellows are tailor-made, since every application has its needs, and we cannot act like the application is going to adapt to the bellow. It is completely the opposite; we adapt to every situation in the best way possible.

What is the ideal use for protection bellows?
Within industrial protections, we have protection bellows. The bellows are designed to protect elements that are jointed and/or mobile in the machinery.

They are ideal when there are parts in linear movement, which is where they show their maximum efficacy and versatility. But they also adapt to 3D movements that are not too complex.

It is important to remember that the bellows offer protection both to the machinery itself, as well as the workers who are around it.

If you want to know the details of the machine protection, discover it in the article “What does the machine protection consist of?” and if you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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