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cuero lluis creus
cuero lluis creus
cuero lluis creus

Other Applications

The most general characteristics, whether in chrome leather or tannin leather, can be defined in two basic ones:

They have a low coefficient of friction:

  • They generate little heat when used, and as a consequence high efficiency and long life are obtained.
  • Due to their fibrous structure, they create a film in the pressure medium that in most cases acts as a lubricant and further reduces the coefficient of friction. It does not require relatively high pressure to overcome inertia.
  • They work smoothly and do not cause noise at low pressure and slow speeds.
  • Suitable for a wide range of pressures: Molded in various formats, they can be used for both delicate low pressure regulators and heavy hydraulic applications.
  • Depending on the tanning: tannin-tanned leather has a lower degree of tensile elongation. Chrome-tanned leather has greater resistance to temperature and friction.


Types and applications:

Leather blocks: for clutches and elastic couplings.
Washers and gaskets: for power plants, pumps and presses…
Clamps and belts.

Other special products: industrial technical leather adapted to different needs.

rollo cuero lluis creus
cuero lluis creus
cuero lluis creus


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